25th October 2016 
About Counselling #01About Counselling

Counselling is a way of sharing in confidence, what troubles us and how we feel, with a trained Counsellor who will not judge us... or what we say. The Counsellors at Ocean Counselling are experienced at helping people with their problems, difficulties, losses and life situations

Counselling can help us in different ways...

One of the ways that Counselling can be very helpful, is to be able to talk to someone who we feel we can trust, who is separate from our situation and is prepared to listen and hear what we are trying to say in a way that can allow us to feel at ease and safe in the process

Although the Counsellor is at first new to us, we can be assured that our affairs will be treated in strictest confidence and as a client we will be treated with respect, courtesy and kindness. Whatever we say will be listened to with a Professional ear and this can help us to try and understand our situation and perhaps find a way forward

Sometimes our problems can feel complicated and difficult to overcome... some of us on the other hand may feel that our difficulties will be thought of as trivial and we should be able to deal with them better - without asking for help

The point is - our problems are very real to us... and Counselling can help us look at our situation in a beneficial way - which can then aid us in finding a way forward, changing our situation or perhaps dealing with our situation differently or more constructively

How many sessions will I need?

It's always up to you...

You can have as many sessions as you feel are helpful to you. Some people find that just a single session is enough for them to begin to make sense of an issue or perhaps has been a useful opportunity to talk something through. Others choose further counselling because it seems to help with more complicated problems. The choice is always yours

About Counselling #02Finding out more...

If you are thinking about coming to have Counselling and would like to talk it through - or would like to know more about what is involved - then please call the number below or email confidentially and we will try to answer any questions you may have. More information is also available in 'taking the first steps in Counselling'

Contact Ocean Counselling by confidential email...

email: oceancentre@btconnect.com


Alcohol Counselling

Ocean Counselling also specialises in helping those who are experiencing drinking problems

If you feel that you have a problem with alcohol or are worried about your drinking, or someone else's drinking, you can call in complete confidence to talk about your situation with a Specialist Counsellor who understands the feelings and difficulties involved

We can so often end up feeling alone, desperate and misunderstood when drinking has become a problem and this can feel like a very lonely place to be. So often... the feeling of being understood can be missing when trying to get help

Asking for help in the first place is a fundamentally positive and constructive step to take and shows that you have the courage to begin to do something about your problem

confidential email: oceancentre@btconnect.com

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